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What is Fuse Duluth?

Fuse Duluth is the premier program for young professionals in the Twin Ports, presented by the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. In short, we work in support of our mission:

"Developing young leaders to strengthen our community."

Fuse is a valuable resource for young professionals looking to get connected, for employers seeking to recruit local talent, and for businesses wishing to build a presence with the 20 to 40 crowd. By our definition, you're a "young professional" if you're roughly 20-40, are serious about progressing your career, and want to be a contributing member of our community. It's that simple.

Fuse offers fun, energetic, and enlightening events centered on networking, education, and discussion on issues relevant to young professionals. With no formal membership, you become a “member” simply by participating in the program — attending events, serving on one of our action teams, or taking part in College Connection, our mentorship program that pairs students with local professionals.

Why Fuse Duluth?

Young Professional Organizations, like Fuse, play a critical role in communities’ efforts to attract and retain young talent.

Fuse makes great strides to help current and potential residents of our outstanding community find a place. We offer Y-Pros the chance to network with both emerging and established professionals at our events. Our educational events enable people from all different backgrounds and professional lives to come together and learn about specific areas of concern for the greater community.

The next generation has a “Live First, Work Second” ethic. Unlike their parents, the next generation does not simply follow the paycheck or the company. Often, they pick a place to live and then find a job. U.S. cities must develop and emphasize the quality-of-life amenities, i.e. the arts, public parks and trails, a strong after-5 scene, that attract the next generation. That is exactly what Fuse does-- we elevate our community and our young people, while promoting the incomparable place in which we live.

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