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Joining Fuse doesn't require paying for a membership; in fact, there is no formal membership. If you’d like to be part of Fuse, simply get involved in the program. Attend an event, join an action team, participate in College Connection or become a sponsor!


    Leadership Council > See who represents Fuse

       The Leadership Council is comprised of a group of volunteers that drive the direction of Fuse Duluth. Leadership Council members provide input, work on Fuse initiatives, volunteer at events and assist in promoting the program.

  •   Council members must be (or be employed by) a Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce member in good standing
  •   Council will be comprised of people ages 20-40
  •   Maximum council size shall be 16 members/no less than 12
  •   Council members will work closely with the Director for program development
  •   Council term is a minimum of two years, maximum of three


    Volunteer Focus Committee >

    The Volunteer Focus Committee has created an ongoing volunteer effort called “Project Party”. This monthly initiative held at Steve O’Neil apartments brings birthday parties to area children in need. Monthly sponsors have been secured to assist in expenses for party favors and activities as well as ongoing yearly sponsorships provided by Northland Party for decorations and How Sweet It Is Cakes for birthday cakes.


    Social Media Committee >

    The Fuse Social Media Committee is dedicated to blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing all things related to Fuse. The committee of eight young professionals has created a regular rotating schedule to keep all Fuse followers engaged in Fuse events through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The committee meets monthly and every other month with the Events committee to brainstorm and promote the upcoming events.


    Events Committee >

    The Fuse Events Committee is working on attracting and retaining young professionals through our events and endeavors centered on networking, education, discussion, dialog and involvement. This committee is comprised of eight members. They work on securing donations for prize giveaways, answer questions at events and act as ambassadors for Fuse by creating conversations with new or timid networkers. These active committee members attend and analyze Fuse events to ensure positive evolution with upcoming events and offerings.



Sponsoring Fuse Duluth competitively positions you as a young talent friendly company. You will be given the opportunity to use Fuse events as marketing opportunities for your business. Fuse events draw professionals from all walks of life and industry to meet in a common location, giving your business the opportunity to reach out to all of them in an efficient, cost effective way. Contact Martha Bremer, Director of Fuse Duluth, for information on available Corporate sponsorships, College Connection sponsorships and event sponsorships. (218) 740-3754 or

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