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“Minnesota Nice” is a stereotype of courteous, friendly and welcoming behavior. Living in Duluth is no exception. Beyond the friendly welcome and the strong accent, Duluth’s attraction, charm and livability create varied housing options and diverse neighborhoods for young families, established professionals, retired and students alike.

Much of the city offers affordable single-family homes and condominium/town home properties, with newer upscale housing nearer to downtown. Large, older homes with panoramic views of Lake Superior line Duluth’s extensive hillside while beautiful, turn-of-the-century mansions line the coast of Lake Superior. Duluth’s distinctive history is also evident in the western communities of Morgan Park and Spirit Mountain, where the homes and neighborhoods were originally created for U.S. steel plant workers.

For those looking to rent, Duluth has an assortment of rental housing options throughout the city; these range from apartment complexes to older renovated homes to modern housing arrangements. Countless apartments are located near the Duluth Transit Authority’s bus lines and others include extra perks like snow removal, controlled access, and nearer proximity to parks and other recreational areas. Many rental units and homes feature off-street parking, but for those that don’t, alternate side parking is effective year-round in Duluth.

If you are looking in the area for housing, resources are available to help you find the perfect home that reflects the city’s beauty, history and continued growth. Follow the links below to view our recommended realtors, property management companies, and more.
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2013 Average Sale Price for single family homes in Duluth: $ 176,571
2013 Median Sale Price for single family homes in Duluth: $147,440
   *Based on information from St. Louis County Assessor’s Office

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