As the snow melts, Duluth’s Lakewalk season starts!

I know that us Fusers can speak for most when we say we are ready for summer. We have had one of the harshest winters that Duluth has seen. Some great weather is well deserved! Just in time for the puddles to start forming, we have a great event coming up on Thursday, April 17th. With the theme “Go Green to Save Green”, I think everybody could take something beneficial home with them from this anticipated Words from the Wise Luncheon
This time of the year is a great time to start thinking about how to be more environmentally friendly along with saving a couple bucks. It is also a great time of the year to ‘think out of the box’ as to how you are spending your time outside. It is always great to mix it up a little… maybe walk around your neighborhood and pick up garbage after the snowbanks start to melt, head up to the local Animal Shelter and play with the animals outside (they, too, are sick of being stuck inside!), or maybe it’s time to break the bike out of storage for the spring/summer and save money on gas and get some exercise.
Whatever you choose to do, get outside and enjoy the weather! Replenish your Vitamin D and explore all that Duluth has to offer during this favorite time of year. Take advantage of the miles of Lakewalk, hiking and biking trails and other countless outdoor activities that can be found in Duluth.
Alyssa Christiansen
Fuse Duluth Leadership Council
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