Fuse Duluth 2018 Event Schedule

Fuse Duluth offers a variety of events that are designed to advance professionals in their personal lives and careers. Through our networking opportunities, educational offerings, expert presenters, ground breaking tours, and experience-based learning opportunities, we serve to grow you as an active participant in the community and a leader in your career.

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06.14.18 - Fuse First Thing

“Fufillment: Infuse Your Life with Volunteering”
Matt Hunter, Head of the Lakes United Way

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07.25.18 - Ignite Your Fuse

“Discover Malosky Stadium: UMD Athletics Story & Tour”
Josh Berlo, UMD Athletics

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08.09.18 - Fuse Goes Gatsby @ Glensheen

“The masterminds of Glensheen and Fuse Duluth have teamed up to offer the ultimate bash for summer networking and fun! Join us at Glensheen Mansion as Fuse goes Gatsby for the second year in a row.”

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09.20.18 - Birdies and Brews

“Fuse Duluth’s Annual Disc Golf Tournament – Birdies & Brews”

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10.04.18 - Fuse First Thing

“Technology Trends in the Workplace”
Jon Heyesen, Citon Corporation

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10.18.18 - Ignite Your Fuse

“Imagine Duluth 2035 from City Hall”
Mayor Emily Larson, Adam Fulton and Keith Hamre, City of Duluth

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11.08.18 - Professional Development Summit

“Reaching the summit of professional success comes from hard work, dedication and continuing your education. Join us at the region’s only full-day conference designed to motivate, inspire and benefit you and your organization.

It’s time to reinvent your workday, get inspired and strengthen your leadership skills. “

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12.06.18 - Ignite Your Fuse

“Customer-Focused. Culture Driven. Learn What Makes Aimclear Unique at their Crazy Cool Office Space: Aimclear Story & Tour”
Marty Weintraub, Aimclear

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