Professional Development

Ignite Your Fuse

Grab a bite and ignite! Duluth professionals love experience-based learning, that is why our luncheons are anything but a typical sit-down lunch and learn. At each of our six offerings we take you on location to tour some of the most exciting locations in our area. Duluth is booming with dynamic leaders who have inspired community momentum, encouraged new development and created innovative work sites. Join us at a new location for each lunch to hear tips from the Mayor, tour the nooks and crannies of our community, and learn about the latest excitement in Duluth.


Fuse First Thing

Make the most of your morning with an action packed, skill building workshop.  Learn from the experts in social media, health and wellness, volunteering, workplace fundamentals, and more.  Then, put those skills to work with fun, hands on activities to get your day started off right.  Join us at the chamber office for these free sessions.

Cost:  FREE


Zenith Digital Marketing Conference

Marketing agency Aimclear and the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce host the seventh annual Zenith Marketing Conference on Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Designed for marketing professionals of all levels who want to engage in meaningful digital marketing programs, #Zenith2018 brings international recognized marketing professionals to Duluth, where they will provide attendees the strategies, tactics and tools necessary to make more money through digital marketing. Attendees will gain actionable knowledge they can use right away to help them sell more, generate valuable leads, boost online engagement, increase social market share and avoid wasteful online spend.


Professional Development Summit

Reaching the summit of professional success comes from hard work, dedication and continuing your education. Join us at the region’s only full-day conference designed to motivate, inspire and benefit you and your organization.

It’s time to reinvent your workday, get inspired and strengthen your leadership skills.

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