Fuse Flash 3/26/14

Dear Fusers,

Our newly reinstated action teams have already excelled all expectations. The excitement and momentum each committee member brings to the table is a testament to the hardworking millennial demographic that is so easily underestimated. The future of Fuse is looking bright as new, inspiring ideas are put forth each day.  
I would especially like to highlight our Social Media Action Team, chaired by KBJR Weatherman Adam Clark. With new goals in place and Adam as our leader, Fuse’s social presence has lifted off to unprecedented success thanks to this great team. We are looking forward to continuing the YPro conversation online through blogging (thanks Britt for our latest blog!), Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I encourage you to connect with us on these networks by following each link provided above. Also, if you wish to receive Fuse emails, click here to sign up.
I also invite you to let me know of your interest in how to get involved in the Fuse initiative. Our Social Media and Events Action Teams are full, but two Action Teams still need participants: College Connection and Volunteer Focus. It’s your time to join the momentum.
Grow. Connect. Fuse.
Martha Bremer
Director of Fuse Duluth

mbremer@duluthchamber.com  |  (218) 740-3754