Invest in Your Future

The first stage of one’s career is a highly formative time for every young professional.  It’s a chance to learn, grow, develop and determine one’s individual path to success and happiness.  Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to put yourself ahead?  Because if you’re not, someone else is.
A focus on ongoing professional training is critical for a young employee’s development.  The need to strengthen your repertoire in any way possible is exacerbated in our current climate.  While the official unemployment rate for people in their late teens and post-college years is around 16%, when you add in those who’ve quit the search or are “underemployed”, The Wall Street Journal estimates the true number to exceed 25%.
Underemployment has forced graduates to take non-professional jobs until they are able to find one related to the career for which they’ve been preparing.  A study by Millennial Branding found that over 63% of Gen Y workers have a bachelor’s degree, but the most commonly reported jobs for Gen Y don’t necessarily require a college degree.  So if you’re lucky enough to have landed yourself that first real professional job and don’t consider yourself underemployed, you’re going to want to do everything you can to make yourself an invaluable employee. 
Enter Fuse Duluth.  Our organization is committed to providing educational and professional development opportunities to our community’s young professional population.  In pursuit of this goal, we are excited to bring back our second annual young professional summit, “YPro to CEO: Thriving as a Young Professional”. 
Last year’s conference was a great success.  Ted Schick of Schick Corporate Learning kicked-off the conference with his keynote presentation titled “Positioning Yourself as a Leader”.  This year’s session topics will be selected based on survey results from Fusers.  In 2012, topics included learning to stand out in a big company; entrepreneurs and effective hiring; tactics to advance your career; and intergenerational dynamics.  The conference concludes with a delicious three-course etiquette luncheon at Greysolon Plaza.
As a young professional, you don’t need all the answers; however you must never stop asking questions.  Actively seek the knowledge and experiences that will contribute to your professional growth.  As an employer, whole-heartedly support this effort of self-improvement.  The likelihood of talented people leaving diminishes when they feel they are continually developing and improving.  On September 25, join future corporate leaders and change-makers as Fuse prepares a new generation to lead with vision and passion. Click here to RSVP.