Millennials are the Future of the Workforce


Researching millennials will result in a plethora of negativity. The perception of generation Y in the workforce is dismal and discouraging. “Millennials are lazy”, “millennials feel entitled”, “millennials are a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately generation.” The overall opinion is that our parents’ success has led to our “failure” and because we had all the essential things we needed […]

Reaching for the Stars – Setting Goals for Fuse Duluth


Dear Fusers, I am excited about the future of Duluth! My first three weeks as Director of Fuse have been very informative and inspiring. I have met dozens of new people and the commonality amongst them is a passion for our amazing city. Duluth’s millennials are driven, motivated and care about the economic development of […]

TED Talks: Your body language shapes who you are


“Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our […]

Invest in Your Future


The first stage of one’s career is a highly formative time for every young professional.  It’s a chance to learn, grow, develop and determine one’s individual path to success and happiness.  Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to put yourself ahead?  Because if you’re not, someone else is. A focus on ongoing professional training […]

Choose Duluth


Duluth’s economy is thriving. It appears our beloved community has adroitly melded our working, industrial port heritage with a new entrepreneurial culture. It is a synergy that is creating opportunity for our community members and for future Duluthians. Businesses, companies and corporations are making massive private investments in our community. Altec HiLine, ME Global, Enbridge, […]

Embracing the Unconventional


A recent viral video captured the attention of nearly 2.4 million viewers, myself included, with its bold, provocative message – there is more than one way in this world to become an educated man.  Using this platform, the artist in the video passionately promoted a lesson with much larger implications.  Refuse to accept the conventional […]

Fuse Celebrates 8th Birthday


Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Fuse’s 8th Birthday on March 14th.  Over 100 attendees celebrated,31 gifts donated,5 cakes provided,And 3 cake winners named. Join me in congratulating the following local bakers for their outstanding, and tasty, creations:BEST TASTING: How Sweet It Is Cakes  MOST CREATIVE: The Exchange Deli & Bakery PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Cake Occasions […]

Reach the Millennial Demographic


Companies around the world are putting their effort, and money, into learning how to best reach their future lifeblood – the Millennial Generation.  For a demographic that’s grown up surrounded by technology and social media, traditional methods may fall flat.  Struggling to stay relevant to this demographic and to quickly adapt to new, ever-changing marketing […]

Clutter Check!


Simplifying is more than learning to say “no”.  Many of us want to say yes to all those things that will advance our relationships, launch our careers, and complete our lives.   A few weeks back, I wasn’t even living by the standard of taking it one day at time.  I felt the need to break […]

Conversation vs. Connection


In October 2012, Facebook hit a new milestone – 1 billion users.  Most people recognize the powerful potential inherent in the ability of social networking sites to connect people on this unprecedented scale.   An insightful op-ed featured in the New York Times, however, captured an entirely different perspective.  In her article titled “The Flight From […]