Project Party

In Dallas, Texas, a successful event planner by the name of Paige Chenault launched The Birthday Party Project as a way to celebrate birthdays of homeless children in her state. Since January 2012, the non-profit organization has celebrated over 1,100 birthdays in eight major cities across the country.


Inspired by this movement, the Fuse Volunteer Focus Committee organized a similar bi-monthly program titled Project Party by Fuse Duluth, celebrating the lives of Duluth’s children in need. Every other month, the Fuse Volunteer Focus committee hosts birthday parties at the Steve O’Neil apartments for their tenants and the children of the Damiano Center Kid’s Kitchen who would otherwise not receive one.

The Volunteer Focus Committee is comprised of local young professionals dedicated to providing positive, memorable experiences for families in our community:

  • Lindsey Dueland, Northwestern Mutual
  • Lindsay Kern, Kern and Kompany
  • Bri Waldoch, GoBrands
  • Amanda Goodman, Northwestern Mutual
  • Abbey Saralampi, maurices
  • Rob Hedburg, maurices
  • Aubrey Hagen, DACC
  • Tara Swenson, Holden Insurance
  • Shania Deutz, Sheraton Hotel – Duluth

As we continue to grow and develop this initiative, the passion for the project from our volunteers is increasingly evident, along with the business community’s support. To accomplish our goal, the committee has secured maurices as our premier birthday party sponsor to assist with party expenses as well as a yearlong partnership with the Duluth Balloon Company.

As we move forward throughout our fifth year, Project Party by Fuse Duluth is dedicating no fewer than 12 months of this initiative, ensuring every child and every birthday is embraced in 2020. We believe that all children deserve a day to celebrate and be celebrated, surrounded by games, cake, decorations and people who care.

If you are interested in joining our efforts on this important initiative please email