Reaching for the Stars – Setting Goals for Fuse Duluth

Dear Fusers,

I am excited about the future of Duluth! My first three weeks as Director of Fuse have been very informative and inspiring. I have met dozens of new people and the commonality amongst them is a passion for our amazing city. Duluth’s millennials are driven, motivated and care about the economic development of our community. I am honored to work with these professionals to organize and grow the Fuse program.  
My initial goals include:  
  1. Structuring the Leadership Council with terms and expectations. This will allow a regular rotation of talented insight and professionals consistently involved with the development of Fuse.  
  2. Reinstating committees with specific focus on different vital areas of the Fuse program including Social Media, College Connection, Volunteer Opportunities and Events. Committees will allow select Leadership Council members to work with volunteer teams to produce measurable growth and awareness of this incredibly important program.  
  3. Continuing to offer fun educational events that result in life long connections and opportunities for young professionals in our area. 

Please email me if you are interested in getting involved. Fuse is a great way to build your career and strengthen Duluth! 


Martha Bremer, Director of Fuse Duluth  |  (218) 740-3754