Too old for Fuse? Of course not!

Have you been wondering how exactly Fuse Duluth involvement benefit you? I too often hear “I’m too old for Fuse.” I’d like to disband this perception by illustrating how Fuse Duluth can empower our ypro demographic of 20-40 and beyond.

As a young professional, it is extremely important to reach out to the business community and stake your claim. Market yourself. Brand yourself as a valuable asset to our community. Fuse Duluth events can introduce you to established professionals throughout the community. The exact crowd you want to be in front of when job seeking, connection building, and making new friends.

As an established professional, YOU are the exact connection our ypros want to reach. Desperately. Fuse is here to bridge the gap between workplace generations, allowing employers to meet Duluth’s extremely talented pool of young professionals simultaneously providing ypros with the opportunity to showcase themselves.

From our networking events to educational events, from our Leadership Council to our involved committees, Fuse Duluth was established nearly 10 years ago to grow our community together. It’s time to partner our young professionals with our established professionals to build a better Duluth. 
Grow. Connect. Fuse.
Martha Bremer
Director of Fuse Duluth  |  (218) 740-3754

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