What Exactly IS Fuse Membership?

Since beginning my role as Director of Fuse this past February, I’ve been asked the recurring question:

Does Fuse Duluth have a formal membership? In short, the answer is no. Let me explain.
Historically speaking, Fuse Duluth did require a membership in years past.  Annual dues would allow members to attend any and all events without a payment transaction. It was discovered, however, that the young professionals did not prefer this method.  Fuse membership became confused with Chamber membership.  Dues were no longer being supported and participation plummeted.
Not long ago, the Fuse Duluth structure was revisited.  Annual membership dues are no longer applied.   In fact, we keep it simple.  Each event is charged individually, which allows you to pick and choose attending events that apply to your goals and your interests.  Plus, staying involved with Fuse has never been easier.  We encourage you to sign up for our emails to receive our event invitations and messages, and remain connected online through our social media networks and website.
We’ve discovered that as a simple, non-membership driven organization keeps Fuse open and welcoming to newcomers, events affordable for young professionals, and deters perceived exclusivity.
Moving forward as the Director of Fuse, my mission is to continue growing engagement and participation of both area young professionals and established professionals.  Without a formal membership, the Fuse Duluth world is your oyster – it is what you make of it.  Attend events.  Chat with us on social.  Mentor in College Connection.  Share articles with us.  Tell a friend about Fuse.  The more we stick together, the more we grow together.

 Grow. Connect. Fuse.

Martha Bremer
Director of Fuse Duluth
mbremer@duluthchamber.com  |  (218) 740-3754